Bruce Woodcock: Boxer

    This site is dedicated to the life and career of Bruce Woodcock, British Empire Heavyweight Boxing Champion. It includes family photographs and press photographs from the family archive, as well as information and recollections. You will find: an account of his early amateur career; a complete listing of Bruce’s professional fights with a commentary on each year of his career and an archive of programmes, reports and photographs to accompany them; background information; links to other sites; and a contact page. The site is being actively developed and you are very welcome contribute via our Facebook and Twitter links if you have any information or comments - see the  ‘Contact’ page for information. These are now all active.

A National Hero:
Spanning the years 1942-1950, Bruce’s professional boxing career coincided with a period of national struggle during the Second World War and its aftermath. Bruce became the best known and best loved of British sportsmen during this time, a focus for national aspirations and hopes for the future. But it all began a lot earlier, in the difficult years following the First World War, in the struggling working-class district of Doncaster known as Carr Hill.

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